~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Dam: Betsy ("Indian Oak Cata" ABC 262528)

Betsy, Clay's foundation dog, was born on 3/07/05. She stood 21" and weighed 47 pounds. Her pedigree boasts some of the top cow lines in the country and her puppies are proven performers.

Betsy was quick, cowy, smart, and biddable. She had a lot of forward push on stock, great balance, tireless work ethic, and a strong nose bite. Her sire, Bill Renihan's "Czar," won the Crystal Rose Cow Dog trial in 2007 -- the only dog with a perfect score in this 100-dog, two-day competition.

Betsy is the mother of M.T. Anderson's Rossi, Jef Blake's Klepto, Justine Davenport's Summit, Jessica Patterson's Trix, Stacy Winkler's Groove, Tara LaBelle's Jet and many other exceptional dogs. Betsy's hips were re-certified OFA "Good" as a seven year old. (See her hip xray and OFA certificate). She was CEA-Carrier

She passed away from cancer just a few months short of her twelfth birthday. Words cannot express how much we loved this dog.

PEDIGREE FOR BETSY (Registered name "Indian Oak Cata" ABC 262528)
Broken Circle Czar ABC 245816
Broken Circle Neo ABC 174497

Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Rob ABC 21326
Mc Taz ABC 169346
Runt ABC 37758
McCallums Drag ABC 64558

Lonerider Mikki ABC 119743
Odie ABC 30550

Jil ABC 80604
Snoopy AIBC 105723
Brite AIBC 92800
Bull AIBC 84181
Roja ABC 30148
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