~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Dam: Lea (Registered ABC 337202)

Lea is now retired from breeding and spayed. She was whelped 04/15/09. She is 19.5" tall and weighs 33 lbs. She is the daughter of two cattledog champions -- Loren Holmes' "Leo" and Shirley Hindman's "Dazzle." Leo was the 2007 Highest Ranking Cattle Dog in the Nation. Lea's mother, Dazzle, won the 2010 Open Pro class at the Winnemucca Cow Dog Trial.

Lea is an absolute sweetheart. She's bold, smart, quick, and easy to train. Full of natural instinct, she's very focused and intense on stock. Lea's confident personality and drive cannot be beat! Lea's hips are OFA "Good." (See her OFA certificate). DNA test results: CEA-Carrier, TNS-Normal, IGS-Normal.

PEDIGREE FOR LEA (Registered ABC 337202)
BrokenCir-Leo ABC 263387
Cash ABC 140387

Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Willie ABC 43892
Lena ABC 104613
Runt ABC 37758
McCallums Drag ABC 64558

Dazzle ABC 284272
Ty ABC 190854

Puzzel ABC 144348
^^Robbie CABC 110232
J-Arrow ADA ABC 41221
Russell ABC 113815
Lucky ABC 97380
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