~ Double J Border Collies ~

Get to Know Clay

~ Clay & Betsy in 2016~
Our son, Clay (now age 21 and attending college), got started with his first border collie, Betsy, in 2005. She grew to become a great cattle dog and Clay's best friend. Betsy had her first litter in 2007, and in the years since, God has consistently blessed Clay with outstanding puppies and outstanding customers. Clay was a wonderful guardian of the pups' first eight weeks, so they were healthy and well prepared for their new homes. As you can imagine, Clay has learned priceless lessons in canine husbandry, entrepreneurship, marketing, genetics, relationship management, and bookkeeping. In 2013, Clay decided to retire Betsy from breeding. That same year, he bought Lexy and more recently Kit. We are very proud of this young man and all the hard work and love he has put into his dogs over the years.

~ Clay in 2008 ~
Clay is a good hand with a horse and a rope, a great shot with a gun, and a collegiate wrestler. However, music is where God has gifted Clay the most. He plays the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, upright bass, dobro, banjo, and trombone. In 2013, at 15 years old, he won the adult division of the Oregon State Fair Talent Search contest (see video).

~ Clay and Belle - 2016 ~