~ Double J Border Collies ~

Get to Know Katie

~ Katie at nursing home - age 4 ~
When Katie was just a little bitty girl, she would help with socialization of Clay's puppies. Ever so carefully, she'd carry a puppy around the nursing home to share with the residents. At home, she'd play endlessly with the puppies. Katie watched and helped Clay with his litters for a few years, learning the ropes and longing for the day when she could "join the business" and be responsible for a dog of her own. Eventually, Loren Holmes fulfilled Katie's dream with Lea, a pup from his outstanding dogs, Leo and Dazzle. Thus, at the age of 8,
Katie managed her first litter and did a simply outstanding job! This young lady is now 14 years old. She retired Lea from breeding in 2016. Her other dogs are Lucky and Annie. She pays her own vet and feed bills, balances her own checkbook without help, and is a pro at puppy socialization. She understands how recessive genes work, the pros/cons of different methods of artificial insemination, how to use an Excel spreadsheet, and what it means to "stand behind your dogs." In the spring of 2013, Katie participated in a Robin Brown clinic with Lea and Lucky, and she competed in cowdog trials in 2015, 2016, and 2017. If you get a chance to meet Katie, you will gain a special friend, and if you stay long enough you may find yourself riding horses with her.
~ Katie with her dogs, Lucky & Lea, December 2013 ~
~ Katie with her 2017 litter ~