~ Double J Border Collies ~

Get to Know Us - Guy & Angie Johnson

We have operated Double J Training since 1991, the year we married. For the first 10 years or so, our main focus was on training and selling team roping horses and raising alfalfa hay. In 2002, we sold our alfalfa farm in Nyssa, Oregon, and moved to the John Day valley where Guy took a job as a high school teacher and I continued my work as an adjunct professor teaching online classes. While we continued training horses, we also started a new endeavour -- breeding high quality working border collies with our kids under the name Double J Border Collies. God has overwhelmingly blessed this endeavour and today there is a waiting list for our puppies.

You may find our story a bit unusual, because of the role our kids, Clay and Katie, play in it. We have always wanted to instill essential character traits in our children such as honesty, responsibility, hard work, faith, excellence, and compassion. We all know these traits are better "caught" than "taught," so we have been diligent in trying to live out these principles in front of our kids. However, a FAR better way for kids to learn these traits is to practice them personally in real-life situations -- situations that matter. We see Double J Border Collies as the perfect opportunity for Clay and Katie to develop these character traits while making a real difference in the lives of other people.

So what roles do Clay and Katie play in Double J Border Collies? Well, they both own and manage their own border collies. They are responsible for every aspect of care for their dogs and their puppies -- daily care, veterinary care, breeding, whelping, socialization, training, facility management, and financial management. They are included in every single decision that affects their dogs and are responsible for the result. They maintain ongoing relations with their puppy buyers and they make sure that every litter spends a fair amount of time bringing joy to residents at our local nursing home and retirement home. Any profit they make on a litter is saved by them for their future college expenses.

As parents, we have come alongside Clay and Katie with guidance, encouragement, and assistance in areas where we have expertise and can add value. The construction of this website is an example of our help and support. Research on bloodlines and health issues is another example. Additionally, we train the dogs on sheep and cattle and help with marketing, email communications, and logistics. Each year, Clay and Katie grow in their skill, knowledge, and most important of all, their character. The role they play in Double J Border Collies ensures that the have many opportunities to practice integrity, excellence, sacrifice, diligence, and compassion.

Faith and family are foundational to all we do. It is of prime importance to us to do our very best, ďas unto the Lord,Ē and to rightly reflect Christís glory in all things. We intentionally choose to do things that keep us together as a family. In addition to raising border collies, we hunt, fish, ski, ride, and play music together. We are so grateful for Godís blessings of these good years together!