~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Dam: 'Double J Annie' (ABCA 419849 )

Annie is retired from breeding and spayed. She splits her on-duty time between farm work and therapy work. Annie is out of Katie's Lea by Don Helsley's Wizard. She has every ounce of her mother Lea's focus and drive but is a little taller and faster. She has the sweetest temperament and wants to please in everything. She has good sense of balance on livestock and is a quiet, steady worker that sheep trust. Her puppies tended to have stable, sweet temperaments and versatility.

Like all of her siblings, she is a water hound -- whether its a sprinkler, a pool, or the irrigation ditch, it seems like not a day goes by, if the weather is fair, that Annie isn't wet.

Annie tested as normal for CEA, TNS, IGS, SN, MDRI, and early onset adult deafness. She is also BAER and CERF tested normal and a great PennHip score. She's stands "20 tall and weighs 35 lbs.

TSN Whiz ABC 324064
CV Cap ABC 222600

L&M Ryn ABC 223806
CV Joe CABC 110407
Sara CABC 143242
Imp Spot ABC 206467
Nell ABC 153164

@Lea ABC 337202
BrokenCir-Leo ABC 263387

Dazzle ABC 284272
Cash ABC 140387
Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Ty ABC 190854
Puzzel ABC 144348
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