~ Double J Border Collies ~

Belle (Registered Double J Belle - ABCA 436193)

Double J Belle is Angie’s main stockdog. The daughter of two outstanding producers, Lexy and Loren Holmes’ Sweep, Belle has proven to be one of the most talented dogs we’ve had the pleasure to raise and train. Belle is a really quick learner and very biddable. She competed in her first stockdog trial after only five weeks of training. She’s been in the top three in nearly every cattledog trial she’s competed in. She is sensitive, obedient, quick to adjust, and just easy to work with. With complete confidence on sheep and cattle, she is the one to use when you need to get a touchy job done right. She spent a year at college with Clay when she was 3 years old, getting to see what city life was like and seems to be happy just about anywhere she goes.

Belle is DNA tested as genetically normal for all border collie disorders including the new early onset deafness test. Lab results available on request. She is OFA Good for hips and Normal elbows. She weighs 37 lbs and stands approx 21" tall. This short video shows Belle helping load cattle into a trailer.

PEDIGREE FOR BELLE (Registered ABC 436193)
Sweep CBCA 11580
Bob (Boomer) CBCA 9796

Bryn CBCA 4413
Ben CBCA 7048
Dot CBCA 4075
Moss CABC 110231
Cass CBCA 3318

@Lexy ABC 378822
Booker ABC 309330

Sweet ABC 355362
Otto ABC 273025
Rose ABC 168615
Bart ABC 219894
Dee ABC 263357
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