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Reference Sire: Boomer (DoubleJ Boomer ABC 377817)

Boomer was born here at Double J. He and his littermate, Tessa, are owned by our dear friends Brent and Francisca McDonald of Queensland, Australia. Boomer had a freak accident when he was young that caused a severe injury to his right hind leg requiring multiple surgeries and interventions. Despite this, he went on to train in agility and herding, even competing at the Australian Nationals, however he never went into full-time agility competition like his sister. He enjoys a full life of herding, swimming, regular bush walks, and babysitting grandkids. He and Brent are best mates. Boomer’s kind heart, indomitable spirit, and intuitive ways have endeared him to the McDonald’s and to us.

His dam is our incredible foundation female, Betsy. Boomer has produced two litters in Australia with Jackie, a half-sister to Belle, with no health issues and lovely temperaments. All are doing agility or herding. His PennHip test placed him in the 90th percentile of border collies! He is genetically clear of all disorders affecting the breed. Boomer is 21.25" tall and 42 lbs.

PEDIGREE FOR BOOMER (Registered ABC 377817)
P.L.Clyde ABC 317476
P.L.Chance ABC 238941

Zoe ABC 253416
Sid ABC 183955
Ettrick Sue ABC 78584
P.L.Jake ABC 159724
Crissy ABC 202634

Indian Oak Cata ABC 262528
Brkn Cir.Czar ABC 245816

Lonerider Mikki ABC 119743
Broken Circle Neo ABC 174497
Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Odie ABC 30550
Jil ABC 80604
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