~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Sire: Clyde (Registered ABC 317476)

Clyde is a beautiful, medium-coat male owned by Mark Pratt of Blackfoot, Idaho. He is approximately 20.5" tall and 45 lbs. Clyde was crossed with Betsy for a litter that whelped 4/14/12.

Clyde is really smart and sweet. He passes on a great temperament to his offspring. He will work cattle for all the people in the Pratt family, and is a very talented dog. He moves cattle easily, no fuss, and will also work sheep. An athletic dog, he is still physically sound and actively working cattle at 11 years of age.

PEDIGREE FOR CLYDE (Registered ABC 317476)
P.L. Chance ABC 238941
Sid ABC 183955

Ettrick Sue ABC 78584
Red Hills Spots ABC 44915
Ruby ABC 174964
Ettrick Roy ABC 47452
Ettrick Jace ABC 78572

Zoe ABC 253416
P.L. Jake ABC 159724

Crissy ABC 202634
Red Hills Spots ABC 44915
Clare ABC 117085
Cody ABC 62108
No Bluff Jan ABC 51006
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