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Ref Sire: Klepto ("Kawt Redhanded" ABC 311388)

Klepto is owned by Jef Blake. A Betsy x Rocky cross, he's a full brother to our Howdy and was born here at Double J. His littermates, M.T. Anderson's Rossi and Fernando Boldrini's Roy are exceptional cattle dogs. Klepto is approximately 20.5" tall and 38 lbs. He's smart and sweet with a great off switch - something that Betsy tended to imprint on her puppies. Klepto's own puppies have been showing great aptitude for herding and agility.

While his brothers were working cattle, Klepto spent the first three years of his life learning how to burn up the agility course. He competed in the National Finals when he was only two years old and again when he was three, and he became widely known for his great jumping style. This video is Klepto at his second National Finals. More video footage of Klepto can be found at Jef's YouTube Channel) Klepto is OFA "Good" on hips and CEA-Normal.

PEDIGREE FOR KLEPTO (Registered ABC 311388)
Diamond Bud ABC 200404
Diamond Ben NASD 64864

Rosie Diamond ABC 134499
Ben NASD 64861
Diamond Chancy NASD 60953
Diamond Chip NASD 65588
Diamond Sofie ABC 110920

Indian Oak Cata ABC 262528
Brkn Cir.Czar ABC 245816

Lonerider Mikki ABC 119743
Broken Circle Neo ABC 174497
Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Odie ABC 30550
Jil ABC 80604
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Below: Jef Blake with 6-month-old Klepto