~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Dam: Lexy (ABC 378822)

Lexy is retired from breeding, but still used regularly here on the farm for both sheep and cattle. She's produced some incredible dogs who have talent in both herding and agility. We've been blessed to have her in our program. Her mother, Sweet, is a great head dog, and she's by Phillip Butler's successful cattle dog, Booker. She's super biddable, intelligent, and confident. She's obedient, focused, and driven when working, but can hang out in the house, office, or car without driving you nuts. It's hard not to spoil her, because she's so darn sweet and happy.

Lexy is 20.5" tall and 35 lbs. She's a calm worker, a quick thinker and a smooth mover. DNA test results: CEA-Carrier, TNS-Normal, IGS-Normal, SN-normal, and MDRI-Normal. BAER tested normal at 4 years. Hips scored OFA-Good (see OFA certificate)

VIEW PEDIGREE FOR LEXY (Registered ABC 378822)
Booker ABC 309330
Otto ABC 273025

Rose ABC 168615 Grace ABC 70010
Jag ABC 79696
Lou ABC 213865
Cap ABC 118493
Meg ABC 77563

Sweet ABC 355362
Bart ABC 219894

Dee ABC 263357
Imp. Sam ABC 42130
Kitt ABC 178898
Amego ABC 128075
Rose ABC 168615
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