~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Dam: Lucky (Registered "Jumpin'W Rose" ABC 377717)

Lucky is now retired from breeding and spayed. Her dam is by Loren Holmes' Leo) and her sire is by Amanda Milliken's Imp. Star x Grace. Imp. Star was International Champion and Leo is one of the winningest cattle dogs in the U.S. Lucky's sire, Nap, has won double lift competitions and been invited to Soldier's Hollow.

She is one of the most athletic dog's we've owned. From day one she had a great off switch and a open, confident love of all humans. She has been the very best of our adult dogs for visiting the nursing homes because she is so confident yet gentle with the residents.

She weighs 37 lbs and stands a little over 20" tall. CEA-Normal, TNS-Normal, IGS-Normal, MDRI-Normal. BAER tested normal at 4 years. PennHip 90th percentile! OFA certified hips "Good" and elbows normal.

In retirement, Lucky is serving as a certified therapy dog and learning agility with Shane Clark, a novice handler in New Mexico. Lucky is living the high life as Shane's best friend, constant shadow, hiking partner, and BBQ assistant extraordinaire. Check out her retirement photo album.

VIEW PEDIGREE FOR LUCKY (Registered Jumpin'W Rose ABC 377717)
Nap ABC 252833
##Imp. Star ABC 235678

Grace ABC 70010
Roy ISDS 183001
Liz ISDS 170734
@@Imp. Boy ABC 39773
@@Hazel ABC 15278

Jumpin'W Copper ABC 330776
BrokenCir-Leo ABC 263387

Gael ABC 209153
Cash ABC 140387
Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Tug ABC 22339
Katie ABC 135217
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