~ Double J Border Collies ~

Moo (Registered 'DoubleJ MadEye' ABCA 436202 )

Shenna Lemche's Moo was born here on our place. He out of Lexy by Jef Blake's Klepto. Moo is trained in herding, agility, and obedience. He's a great example of how well bred working border collies can do practically anything. He has a sweet, happy temperament and beautiful working style. He's eager to please, quick, precise, and light on his feet. Moo is a pleasure to live with and a well-rounded dog.

Moo earned the coveted "excellent" rating from OFA for his hips and OFA normal for elbows. Moo is DNA tested as clear for early onset deafness as well as all other genetic border collies disorders except CEA. For CEA, he's a carrier, so he is only bred to females who are CEA-normal to avoid producing affected puppies. He stands just under 20" tall and weighs 37 lbs.

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Kawt RedHanded ABC 311388
Diamond Bud ABC 200404

@Indian Oak Cata ABC 262528
Diamond Ben NASD 64864
Rosie Diamond ABC 134499
Brkn Cir Czar ABC 245816
Lonerider Mikki ABC 119743

@Lexy ABC 378822
Booker ABC 309330

Sweet ABC 355362
Otto ABC 273025
Rose ABC 168615
Bart ABC 219894
Dee ABC 263357
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