~ Double J Border Collies ~

Myke (Registered ABCA 441866)

Myke was bred by Loren Holmes of Red Bluff, California, out of his open trial dog, Helga and by Sweep. Guy started Myke last summer and we are very excited about his confidence and biddability. Always keen to work, he has a good head on his shoulders -- not at all stubborn but instead sensitive to commands and eager to please. He has no fear on stock and will bite both ends. He's a very social boy who loves everybody, strangers as well as his own circle, and he gets along well with other dogs. Myke is DNA tested as CEA-Normal, TNS-Normal, IGS-Normal, and MDRI-Normal. His PennHip test placed him in the tightest 5% of distraction indexes for the breed. Myke weighs 38 lbs and stands approx 21" tall.

PEDIGREE FOR MYKE (Registered ABC 441866)
Sweep CBCA 11580
Bob (Boomer) CBCA 9796

Bryn CBCA 4413
Ben CBCA 7048
Dot CBCA 4075
Moss CABC 110231
Cass CBCA 3318

Helga ABC 315648
BrokenCir-Leo ABC 263387

Puzzel ABC 144348
Cash ABC 140387
Broken Circle Sue ABC 156435
Russell ABC 113815
Lucky ABC 97380
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