~ Double J Border Collies ~

Reference Sire: Sweep (CBCA 11580)

Sweep was owned by Loren Holmes of Red Bluff, California, but has since passed away in an accident. He worked sheep and cattle with confident intelligence, even as a young dog. His sire, Bob, is Peter Gonnet's successful open trial dog. His maternal grandfather is Peter Gonnet's well-known Moss. Here's a short video we took of Sweep at Loren's house in spring of 2016. Sweep had a great work ethic -- he understood the job and wanted to please. He was a medium frame, smooth-coated black tri. Sweep was DNA tested as CEA-Normal and vet-checked good on hips via x-ray.

PEDIGREE FOR SWEEP (Registered CBCA 11580)
Bob (Boomer) CBCA 9796
Ben CBCA 7048

Dot CBCA 4075
Mac (Buck) CBCA 2650
Nell CBCA 151
Moss CABC 124367
Dot CBCA 3324

Bryn CBCA 4413
Moss' CABC 110231

Cass CBCA 3318
Ben ABC 25463
^Jet CABC 110228
Barney CABC 140956
Speck ABC 67616
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