~ Double J Border Collies ~

Testimonials from our Border Collie Customers

Testimonial by Justine Davenport
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Summit has been the perfect dog from the day I brought him home. The first chance I got to interact with him was in the airport parking lot after a 3 hour flight home to Canada, he launched himself out of the kennel and began tugging wildly on his leash as the planes were flying above. It has been that easy from day one, the Johnson's must have done a wonderful job socializing the pups as Summit is yet to meet a person or dog that he does not love. He is extremely focused and driven even from a pup yet he is so level headed when away from work. He goes everywhere with me, flying across the country or driving to work and back everyday, he is perfectly content to sit beside me and wait for whatever comes next. Summit is a joy to be around and way too much fun to work with, I can't imagine life without him. And did I mention he is on of the best looking dogs out there?!?!" ~ Justine

Check out this video of Summit training at 7 months old. Summit and Justine compete internationally. See Justine's YouTube Channel for recent videos of Summit. More info at Shape Up Agility.

Testimonial by Jessica Patterson
Edmonton, Alberta
"Thank you for breeding such a wondering dog. I don't even known where to begin. Trix has a solid temperament, a heart of gold and is always so happy :) On the agility field Trix is so easy to work with. She learns things so quick, is very athletic, responsive, likes food and toy, is driven but not "over the top crazy" and has so much natural self control. She will lay down while the other dogs are working and will pop up when it's her turn to run!! Trix has had a fantastic first competition season and at the age of only 2 she has qualified to represent Canada at the World Agility Open. I am so proud of her. Off the agility field Trix is a lazy house dog! Talk about an off switch! She is happy to snooze in bed all day, cuddle on the couch or have her belly rubbed. She is so friendly towards people and other dogs; I can take her absolutely anywhere. Thank you again, my family and I love Trix so much." ~ Jessica

Here is some video footage of Jessica and Trix practicing for the 2013 WAO.

Testimonial by Jef Blake
Auburn, WA
"It took exactly 2 days for Klepto to completely steal our hearts. He’s a sweet little boy that gets along with everyone, dog or human. While he is perfectly happy to snuggle up with us in the house and doesn’t get wound up watching exciting things, he loves to go to work for daddy. I look forward to every time I get to work with him because he will always make me laugh no matter how I feel at the time." ~ Jef

(Check this video of Klepto at his second National Finals. More footage of Klepto can be found at Jef's YouTube Channel)

Testimonial by Leandro Boldrini
Parana, Brazil

"When I decided to buy a stud dog prospect from the USA, I was looking for a solid, full cattle-bloodline dog. I was not looking for a litter from champion show dogs, rather I was looking for a litter from a farm working sire and dam. When I found the Johnson family and looked at the lines from the sire and dam's pedigrees, I said, "This is what I'm looking for," and I made contact with Angie Johnson. This was a new experience for me, and I think for the Johnson family too, because the dog had to be shipped by airplane from the USA to the other side of the America and then to Brazil. But everything went OK, and I am here with one of the greatest dogs I have ever seen in my life. The socializing process done by the Johnson's was great. Roy has an excellent temperament, excellent bones, and a fantastic cow sense. I'm sure Roy will be one of the greatest border collie sire's in Brazil."
~ Leandro

Testimonial by Stacy Winkler
Vista, CA
"I am an agility instructor from the San Diego area. I couldn't be more thrilled with the Double J dogs. As a group they are smart, biddable, talented , very fast and have wonderful temperaments. My girl, Groove, is from the 3rd Rocky x Betsy and she is an amazing dog in every way. I couldn't be more pleased with her. I also have facilitated my students getting 4 other full sibs from various Rocky x Betsy litters. Each dog is consistently phenomenal. Speed, agility, work ethic, wonderful temperaments...... I have been very impressed with these dogs." ~ Stacy

(Check this video of Groove winning the 2012 U.S. Open UKI Speedstakes Championship. More footage of Groove can be found at Stacy's YouTube Channel). Info at Keen Performance Dogs

Testimonial by Kathy Dynge
Klamath Falls, OR
"Our family is thrilled with Jett. She is everything we had hoped for. She's not only a beautiful dog, she has the brains to match. I cannot imagine our home without her. The Johnson's did a fantastic job on socializing her. My emails were answered promptly and it was obvious these pups were lovingly raised. Jett has always shown an interest in working stock. She's very bold about moving them and shows no fear, even when facing a big ewe. She will bite on command if needed. I would recommend any puppies that the Johnsons have bred." ~ Kathy

Testimonial by M.T. Anderson
Izee, OR

"I manage a commercial cow/calf operation and own High Desert Cattle Company, which is a purebred and commercial cow/calf operation. We have always used dogs as a means of working and handling our livestock. We run in big mountain country and arid high desert in Eastern Oregon. In 2007 I purchased Double J Rossi from Double J Border Collies. I selected this puppy simply for the fact that he was red/white, short haired, and appeared that he was going to be prick eared. I've had lots of dogs over the years, most of which were border collie influenced. I've never had one like "Ross". This dog wanted to work from the day I picked him up. As he matured and grew I was shocked at how big he got. Ross is a very big border collie, with a huge handsome head. He's very powerful jawed. As I started to work Ross I wondered if that would translate to power when he got ahold of a cow. Wow! Ross bites hard. On baby calves he only does the minimum neccessary to make them see it his way. However, on yearlings and bigger stuff he brings the heat. Ross will be four this year, and he is a very broke dog. He is absolutely a pleasure to be around on and off the job. My three young children love on him all the time and he reciprocates willingly. Ross has as much feel for cattle as any dog I have ever owned. You put this with his speed and athleticism, and he is absolutely outstanding. I might add that he has lots of range. It's not a big deal to send him 1/4-1/2 mile to fetch cattle. Double J Border Collies will definitely have a repeat customer with me. Their dogs are outstanding. Thanks Clay." ~ M.T.

(Note: "Ross is littermate to Jeff Blake's Klepto and Leandro Boldrini's "Roy")

Testimonial by Jim and Georgia VanWinkle
Condon, OR
"We bought a female red and white border collie from Double J Border Collies and were very pleased with her. She was a very quick learner and paid attention. We have never seen a more loyal dog and one that aimed to please. She was aggressive with cattle in that she worked not just one cow but the whole herd in moving back and forth and not intimidating them. She focused on the herd not just one calf or cow. We would recommend the Double J for finding you the "best fit" for a working dog on your operation. We would not hesitate to use them again." ~ Georgia

Testimonial by Steve Soberski
Lincoln, NE

"I have Balto, my best buddy, who is from Diamond Bud x Indian Oak Cata (Rocky x Betsy) born in 2009. Balto has been an incredible dog and excels at everything we do -- herding, agility, tracking, dock jumping and long hikes we take at State Recreation Areas around Lincoln, Nebraska. Balto is the first dog I have herded with and he was a natural from the start. We have attended numerous herding workshops with some of the best instructors in the Midwest. We are currently working with two instructors near Lincoln and plan on competing this spring. Balto is a high energy dog with tons of drive in everything he does but is also one of the best house dogs I have owned. I would not hesitate to get another Double J puppy; the Johnsons are a wonderful family and do a great job raising their puppies." ~ Steve
(Steve did get another Double J pup in 2013 from Lea x Klepto.)

Testimonial by Susanne Glasgow
Jamul, CA
"Thanks so much for sending the baby picture of Beamish and Howdy together at the nursing home! Now I know why he goes and jumps in peoples' laps!! He is a sweetheart of a little boy. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received about him - he's handsome, he's a beautiful jumper, he's friendly...... And my trainer reminds me constantly of how lucky I am to have such an athletic dog." ~Susanne

Testimonial by Alison Warr
Sandy, OR
"Sonnet is turning out to be an incredible agility dog....and a great all around dog. Everywhere I go and compete people ask where she is from. She is crazy fast and very fun to run. She is extremely talented. . . and more important, she is a delightful dog. I feel so fortunate to have her. Thank you." ~ Alison

Check out this video of Sonnet taken at one of her trials in March 2013.

Testimonial by Debbie Dilatush
Jamul, CA

"It is a wonderful experience welcoming a Double J Border Collie into our home! Race is so quick to catch onto anything new that I throw at him. He's also absolutely fearless! We've had two equipment malfunctions (agility equipment). I've had a Pause table completely collapse under Race as I sent him to a down. He rode the table to the ground and stayed in the down position, giving me this puzzled look like, 'Okay, this is different -- did I do it right???' As I picked up the pieces of the table he kept repositioning himself till I realized that I hadn't released him! What a good boy! The second malfunction was the C-ring broke on the chain that lowers the height of the teeter. When I sent him to the teeter, he held his two on and two off as the teeter fell flat. What a great dog! Neither of these caused him to even flinch. He is such an amazing, fun dog to train. And last but not least, a great hugger and a very sweet boy!" ~ Debbie

Testimonial by Alan Dorris
Valley Center, CA.
"We called to tell you how much we are enjoying Buckley. He is making a great dog. Thank you for sending the papers. Buck's training is going great, he enjoys the herding classes, has a good "get-a-hold". He has good bone, good shoulders, and a super nice temperament. (wants to be a lap dog). He spends the day under my desk, walks on the golf course in the mornings, goes to the roping, learning to bring the cattle up the lane for us. His little head tilt when you are talking to him is his signature that he is saying, 'I am here for you.'" ~ Alan

Testimonial by Shawn Steadham
Tallahassee, FL

"Spree is totally wonderful. She's been the best puppy and I can't imagine not having her around, even though she's only been here 3 months. She's smart as a whip, has a mischievous glint in her eye that means she's always ready for fun, and is just soaking up everything I can think of to teach her. Thanks again for such a lovely puppy - I couldn't have gotten a dog that fits with me and my little family of dogs any better than Spree, and it's a testament to how hard you guys work to whelp them and give them those critical first socialization experiences." ~ Shawn

Testimonial by Rose Baumgartner
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I am so pleased that Bristol became my dog. I think fate made it so. He is everything I hoped for in a dog. He loves people and is great with other dogs. He is a dream to play with, always up for game. He is so much fun to play with and of course an extremely fast learner. I love his personality -- when just hanging out he is a goofy, not-so-serious guy but, when it comes to learning, he focuses and learns quickly. He also has a turn-off switch -- when we are relaxing, he is content to chew a bone and lie near us. I can't thank you enough for all the socializing you gave those pups, the result is a very confident, happy and affectionate dog." ~ Rose